Saturday, December 02, 2006

Continued Right-Wing Media hysteria over flying Imams

Any hope that the right-wing blogosphere would be embarrassed by their hysteria over the six Muslim religious leaders removed from a flight has been blown away. More bloggers have latched on to the story and it spread to Drudge Report. There is now the police report with the statements by the witnesses which confirms it was a case of not being quiet and subservient while flying as Muslim. One of the supposedly informed witnesses claimed that one Imam "pretended" to be blind. He was blind. A passenger has also published her uninformed opinions. Pauline the hysterical passenger:
"I think it was either a foiled attempt to take over the plane or it was a publicity stunt to accuse us of being insensitive," Pauline said. "It had to be to intimidate U.S. Airways to ease up on security."

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