Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hysteria in the WSJ

The Imam story won't go away. Where to start with the lies by the hysterical Debra Burlingame.

1. Allahu Akbar is the traditional call for prayer - God is Great.

2. They went to their assigned seats except their leader got an upgrade to first class and they asked another passenger to trade seats with the blind Imam.

3. Most reports say two heavy Imams in robes asked for seatbelt extensions which were willingly provided by the flight crew.

4. She plays the race card - calling comparisons to Rosa Parks being pulled off a bus and the Black Muslims supporting fellow Muslims "racial politics at its worst."

5. She plays her own sympathy card as the sister of a pilot killed on 9/11.

6. She actually proves the case that flying while acting Muslim was the crime and wants Muslims to stop it. Her scorn is directed at the Muslim call to prayer in a rank distasteful display of prejudice and ignorance. The writer, Debra Burlingame, is a former Democrat who has since 9/11 become a spokesperson for the PATRIOT act and other conservative causes.

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