Friday, December 01, 2006

Maliki dinner-date snub rubs salt in Prez wounds

The New York Daily News is increasing its circulation by not being afraid to call out BS.
"You never postpone something like this at the last minute unless somebody's ripped," said a former top Bush aide, "and it's probably Maliki."

He could hardly be blamed after the blockbuster leak of a classified White House memorandum that amounts to a rousing no-confidence declaration by the Bush government.
The NYT was also willing to say
Still, tensions seemed to bubble just under the surface. The two leaders barely looked at one another during the news conference. And when Mr. Bush, at one point, asked the prime minister if he wanted to continue taking questions from reporters, the prime minister swiveled his head toward the president and shot Mr. Bush an incredulous look.
Froomkin points out another popular "No BS" journalist is Jack Cafferty on CNN:
The administration has little confidence in al-Maliki. National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley calling him a strong leader, but said he's having trouble figuring out how to do his job.

His job?

He has no job. He doesn't govern anything. Iraq is in the throes of an escalating civil war and the elected government there is powerless to do anything about it. The power in Iraq is in the hands of the militias.
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