Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Progressive Daily Beacon: "Number One National Security Threat: Today's Republican Party"

From a new publication for me, A. Alexander:
Republicans like Gingrich, Bush, Cheney, and the rank-and-file Party members that support them claim American kids are fighting and dying in Iraq, so that "we" can "bring freedom" to the Middle East. Somehow their outrageous hypocrisy escapes them. They say "we" must "bring" this "freedom" to the Middle East in order to save ourselves from the terrorists who, according to Republicans, "hate us for our freedom and liberty." Yet, while our kids die in Iraq, Republicans insist we must consider doing away with the First Amendment; they say we must allow government the power to search our homes without warrant or warning; they say we must surrender our right to privacy and allow the government to read our mail; they say we must agree to give government the power to monitor our email, and willingly agree to allow the government to listen in on our phone conversations; they say we must grant government the liberty to incarcerate citizens without the right to trial or charge; and they say we must turn a blind eye when our government tortures human beings - including fellow citizens. This is the only way that, Republicans insist, they can "protect" our freedom and liberty from the terrorists.

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