Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rebuilding the Texas Democratic Party

Seeing what the GOP did in Florida and a talk with Howard Dean lead lawyer Fred Baron to become the Texas Democrats biggest booster.

This effort is not without controversy within the party as little or no help was given to most campaigns. There was both no help toward statewide candidates, except for one $25,000 donation to Chris Bell, and no help to most state house candidates except for the improvement to some party infrastructure tools. Fred Baron is also not part of the growing populist faction in the Texas Democratic Party.

Fred Baron did contribute to the big effort in increasing Democratic turnout and straight ticket voting in Dallas which led to an unexpected sweep of all contested races. Houston is looking at closely at Dallas results as Dallas has long been considered a GOP stronghold, much more than Houston. There were plenty of encouraging signs in Houston this election which political strategists will be making decisions on.

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