Wednesday, March 11, 2009

America Evenly Divided between Progressives/Liberals and Conservatives/Libertarians

Asking those who choose moderate to further refine themselves reveals a divided nation - but one which overwhelming supports positions thought liberal. Think Progress has more on the poll.
A nation that is evenly split in its political identity is decidedly center-left in its policy orientation:

• By a margin of almost nine to one, Americans agree that “government investments in education, infrastructure, and science are necessary to ensure America’s long-term economic growth,” (79 percent agree, 12 percent neutral, 9 percent disagree).

• More than three in four Americans (76 percent) also agree with the president’s argument that “America’s economic future requires a transformation away from oil, gas, and coal to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.”

• Nearly three in four Americans believe that “government regulations are necessary to keep businesses in check and protect workers and consumers,” (73 percent agree, 15 percent neutral, 12 percent disagree).

• Nearly two in three Americans (65 percent) agree that “the federal government should guarantee affordable health coverage for every American.”

Complementing this agenda are significant demographic shifts that favor progressives. Between 1988 and 2008, the share of minority voters in presidential elections has risen by 11 points, while the share of increasingly progressive white college graduate voters has risen by four points. But the share of white-working class voters, who have remained conservative in their orientation, has plummeted by 15 points.
In another poll, most of America hates Rush.
Remarkably, voters view Limbaugh negatively by a two-to-one ratio (53 to 26 percent), with nearly half the country, 45 percent, viewing him very, very negatively. Among independents, the ratio rises to three-to-one. More important are the values that Limbaugh espouses. By a nearly two-to-one ratio (57 to 32 percent) a majority of voters – and independents – say Limbaugh does not “share their values,”
In my own poll, Houstonians now think KTRH is now all conservative propaganda and sports. The bad slanted news and biased analysis has now spread to what was formerly the morning news show.

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