Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Special Media, Special Bloggers, Special Politicians

I for one am not surprised that some of the so-called-liberal-media and some of the worst of the conservative bloggers have a special fondness for the Special Olympics.

Our favorite special politician is also rejecting money for education.

General Petraeus is upset about some special senators, McCain and Graham, not approving a needed Iraq appointment. A favorite special neocon passes along a drug joke about their being rolled.

Bloomberg columnist Carol Baum can't understand even stupid books.

Yglesias: Was Madoff really a black hat among honest businessmen, or was he just one unusually crude player amidst a rotten crowd?

Newt Gingrich, an ignorant economist, poor tax analyst, doesn't understand climate change.

AIG - If crony capitalists in the Bush administration and even the Obama administration had let AIG go bankrupt, then the AIG contracts would not have to be honored. Why should they even be employed?

Republican Lawmakers Who Opposed Salary Caps Last Month Are Now Attacking AIG Bonuses, Part II.

Galbraith: Geithner is an idiot and his economic plan is a disaster. In this argument I tend to side more with Galbraith.

Jon Stewart Thinks AIG is Bad, but Maybe Not Prize-Worthy Bad

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