Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Complaints to the Blogger and Removing Content

A candidate for Pasadena City Council has asked that her name not be placed on fantasy cartoons. I have removed a post that showed this. I think this is a mistake. Politicians, especially women, need to develop a thick skin and the ability to laugh, especially at themselves.

I also removed a post with a link to a nice tribute video after a request. Did you know on the Internet if you click on links with sex in the title you can within several clicks find links to sexually explicit material? I am shocked, shocked I say, that some people find that shocking. Researching this complaint and removing the links did discover a few problems I have corrected - eSnips is not a good site to host videos because they are not good about policing for malware, and adult content should have a warning page.

There were some complaints about a post comparing a conservative blogger to a Nazi war criminal, that was a very close parody of his post comparing President Obama to a murderous chimp. There were also complaints that President Carter was one of our worst presidents and not one of our best as I had posted. These complaints I judged were without merit.

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