Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Links

Stopping the Texas GOP voter suppression. Six Texas voters joined with the Texas Democratic Party to file a lawsuit in U. S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, challenging mail ballot statutes enacted in 2003. After spending over a million dollars and years the state attorney general only found and prosecuted Democrats helping the elderly and handicapped to vote who forgot to sign their name on envelopes.

Cramer whimpers facing Jon Stewart. Is this a show ender for Cramer?

Watchmen critical analysis.

Americans losing their faith - in everything.

Google about to take over the phone business with useful Google Voice. A better view from the NYT.

Why America isn't better - your money is going to the war machine. More than 40 percent of federal tax dollars go to military spending while we are underfunding education and health care.

Morford's notes on the insanity - Obama attacked from left and right for what he hasn't done in 50 days.
But to make matters worse -- oh holy hell, would you look at this? -- it turns out Obama isn't stopping with just reversing every toxic Dubya-caused debacle, nossir. It turns out he's reaching even further back, casually wrapping his long, socialist fingers around the throat of more than 30 years of pamper-the-rich, supply-side Reaganomics, and calmly squeezing. Heathen!

This is, quite possibly, the most amusing thing I am hearing from the furious fringe: That Obama's plan will wreak hell on the deficit for generations to come. It's a bit like hearing a Catholic priest scold you on the perils of child abuse. I'm sorry, did you just say that it was fine and good to rape the Treasury for the past decade and worship Big Oil and waste two trillion on a failed and useless war, but redirecting those sums into science, health care, children and alternative energy is a terrible and costly idea?
Not helping the unemployed - Texas GOP leaders are cowards and failures.

How close to a banana republic? - Proof emerges that Bush seized on 9/11 to have himself as the US president be an elected dictator not bound by the Constitution.

Media blackout on single payer health care as cure for high costs.

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