Friday, March 13, 2009

More Friday thoughts

You know, we still have the supporters of a minority hard right party in Israel running our Middle East policy, even under Obama. I could go on about this but this topic always brings out the crank comments. See Andrew Sullivan on The Israel Lobby.

Gawd, why is the GOP and the media so stoopiiid about earmarks. Fine, let Congress get rid of them. Let's see how many Republicans win re-election when they can't show they brought home any Federal goodies. Like most stupid things the faux crusade against earmarks is spread and maintained by the Republican noise machine media clowns.

KTRH, Keep To the Right Houston, is unlistenable even in the mornings now as they bring in commentary from conservative think tanks, "Hoover was right" and their afternoon guy Michael Berry who seems to have received a sharp blow on his head a year ago which knocked out the bit of sense he used to have. Their commentary and analysis blends into and becomes their news, "Obama budget brings down Wall Street." Its difficult to overstate the bias this supposedly straight news segment has reached. Except for their Garden Show this was the last unslanted news portion of their weekly schedule. Their FOX NEWS half hourly updates are amazingly less conservative than their local news now.

Obama lowers taxes and is attacked for being a Socialist. I have commented on this before but it bears repeating which has done.

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