Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tea Bag Protests Flop - Engineered by the Gang Who Brought You Swift Boat and Ayers Is a Terrorist Lies

The fizzled Tea Bag protests, getting even conservative criticism, are getting more mysterious as Playboy, of all places, discovers the links between organizers. The wealthy fanatics turn out to be those who also promulgated the Swift Boat Liars and the more stupid of the attacks on Obama and his "terrorist" friends. They also registered the central domain name back in August, which is just weird or revealing of long range planning.

There is a response by one of those named in the Playboy article but it leaves more questions than answers. He agrees with the unsavory background of some of the organizers but he himself is an Independent who voted for Obama and who is upset about the huge financial institution bailouts and not as much the piddling help for foreclosure victims. (I agree with him about the obscene financial institution bailouts.)

Was the rant that started the tea parties even real or part of a plot? John Cole thinks the fact there are groups and people with lots of money ready to pounce on Obama and the Democrats over any controversy is not worthy of being called a conspiracy.

For more on the anti-government organizations that the Koch family wealth supports follow the link to Source Watch. The Koch and Scaife foundations are similar in their influence and orientation.

You might ask some of these people profiled in the New York Times who have gone from highly paid high status jobs to low wage grunts how they feel about Scaife and Koch capitalism.

I met someone who has gone from triple-digit income as a database architect to homeless unemployment with the mental and physical stress that causes. More of my friends are skipping our restaurant meetings because of unemployment or severe underemployment.

There are even right-wing bloggers, whose websites I expect to close this year, who started their blogs full time after their jobs were outsourced. Do you think they may start to realize that they were fighting the wrong battles for the wrong side or have they drunk too much of the deranged anti-Democratic, pro-"free market" kool-aid?

The GOP abandoned the "free market" decades ago for crony capitalism. A recent book, The Predator State: How Conservatives Abandoned the Free Market and Why Liberals Should Too, makes the argument that Democrats should join them.

Libertarians make the reverse argument: that we should all just realize that government is evil and rich capitalists actually promote liberty. Talk about drinking the kool-aid.

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