Friday, December 08, 2006

It's Official - KTRH has joined the Right Wing Media Machine

After picking up Joe Pagliarulo, known as Joe Pags, Houston's KTRH 740 AM completes its transition to all right crap daytime as an early Christmas unpresent to Houston starting December 18. That will be when you can hear Rush Limbaugh from 11 - 2 everyday on Houston's former information source.

They have kept their lone liberal voice, a delayed Ed Schultz, 8 - 10 weeknights, when he is not preempted by a game. Ed is moving his slot to go head-to-head with Rush on the live shows. I wonder if Rush likes him tape-delayed on the same station and how long KTRH will keep Ed?

KTRH used to be one of the best news radio stations in the country. I am going to need to find another bad weather station. A lot of the changes and decline in quality at KTRH may be cost cutting moves. Clear Channel, which owns KTRH, is notorious for cost cutting stations into the ground. (added - Of course, Clear Channel is also notorious for being right-wing.)

One suggestion for your replacement is Houston's Pacifica KPFT 90.1 FM which has greatly expanded its news programs in the last several years. Democracy Now which they carry is also becoming better and better. Where else in Houston can you hear about the privatization of Iraqi oil recommended by Jim Baker's Iraq Study Group?

For centrist news there is Public Radio KUHF 88.1 FM with the NPR slate of programs. Of course, studies have shown they have more Republican and conservative guests so it is not an even balance.

If you want to spend the money there is satellite radio, which is the only way to receive Air America in your car in Houston.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I listen to them only to hear what stupidity is being spewed by Malone, Pags, and Baker. Something like Larry, Curly, and Moe.

I dont listen long because all three are full of crap.

KTRH used to be a good station. Now it is hate radio.