Friday, December 08, 2006

Senate Republican Turns Against War

From Atrios:
CNN -- In an emotional speech on the Senate floor Thursday night, Sen Gordon Smith, a moderate Republican from Oregon who has been a supporter of the war in Iraq, said the U.S. military's "tactics have failed" and he "cannot support that anymore."

Smith said he is at, "the end of my rope when it comes to supporting a policy that has our soldiers patrolling the same streets in the same way, being blown up the same bombs, day after day.

"That is absurd," he said. "It may even be criminal."

Smith said he has tried to quietly support President Bush during the course of the war -- and doesn't believe the president intentionally lied to get the U.S. into the war -- but now recognizes, "we have paid a price in blood and treasure that is beyond calculation" for a war waged due to bad intelligence.
Both my Dad and borther-in-law were talking today that Bush should be impeached. There are both moderate swing voters from the South.

Atrios also had: "According to new AP/Ipsos poll, 60% of the country favors a complete withdrawal in 6 months. That number jumps to 71% for a 2 year timetable."

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Anonymous said...

lets get our troops out and send the roboreptiles in - they can do a better job - maybe people would stop killing eachother and play with cool geeky toys. :)

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Causal said...

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mariamaria said...

Why did it take so long?? They knew i was a bad idea, but they continued to support this war!!

Gary said...

They listen to Fox News. They listen to talk radio. They believe the spinning government officials in Washington.

It takes something like the Iraq Study Group from people they trust who in the first half of the report clearly and plainly state the case that the war is a complete disaster and the mass media hasn't been lying to them, the Pentagon and the White House has - to break through the BS they have been told.

After reading about and reporting on Washington for years it has become very apparent to me that the average elected representative and the average media person just isn't very smart or well informed.

DJ said...

This is it. The Republicans will win another election. Crying? I didn't think they'd actually go that far.

Enough rambling. I believe they're tapping into America's emotions yet again to win people over. Hell, even some liberals think that they're crying for real.