Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Our thoughts and prayers and feverous Drudge Report Vampire Wishes are with Sen. Johnson

Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota suffered a possible minor stroke Wednesday and was taken to a Washington hospital. Drudge Report seems whipped up into a red vampire frenzy as a serious problem could end the majority Democratic Senate. While all strokes are serious, this from all accounts is very minor.
Johnson became disoriented during a call with reporters at midday, stuttering in response to a question. He appeared to recover, asking if there were any additional questions before ending the call.
Update - no word but Sen. Johnson of South Dakota is undergoing an operation.

Drudge Report is noting "the fragility' of the Democratic majority in the Senate while he has never mentioned that November's Democratic counter-Revolution in the House has produced a larger working majority than Republicans had ever achieved in over 50 years.

Also unsaid on Drudge is that Senate history is clear - a Senator has never been removed from office for health reasons, they have to die or decide to resign. Senators have held office for years without ever going to the Senate Chambers because of poor health. The Senate is a rich man's club. Once elected, a senator continues to serve until the expiry of his or her term, death, or resignation. He or she can only be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Senate. Senators have never voted to remove a man who wasn't serving for reasons of health.

Meanwhile, this may be a bad comparison but is this evidence that LaRouche has suffered a stroke or other brain damage? All Democrats worked together to elect Ciro Rodriguez and Dr. Dean especially did not try to sabotage the campaign but poured resources into it. To say otherwise is just crazy talk or poor cognitive functioning.

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