Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"White and Nerdy" Dennis Kucinich Announces Presidental Bid

Ohio Representative Dennis Kuchinich is running for President again in 2008.
He may be "white and nerdy" and farther to the left than the majority of Democrats in Congress, but I can't help to like Dennis Kucinich.

Like Jim Webb, he has stood up against the war in Iraq from day one, has always been a true advocate for greater environmental protection, and has fought hard for working class families across our great land for six terms in Congress.

Plus he is a vegan, a lifestyle decision that some say hurts his bid for higher office, but just goes to show that the man values his health, cares for our environment, and has the utmost respect for all God's creatures.
In your heart you know he's right, just not electable.

Another White and Nerdy Party.

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