Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Blogosphere Political Compass

This could be somewhat informative if more bloggers participated. Bloggers take the political compass test that ranks them on economic (liberal vs. conservative) and social (authoritarian vs. libertarian) leanings. Every so often he posts an update of score sent in graphically showing the distribution. I am blog number 290 scoring -5.1, -5 so I would think I am not as extreme as some have accused me.

Many people interested in this test argue that it is necessary because simply left or right aren't descriptive enough but really there is a left- right slant or correlation to the scores. There is not a random distribution.

One use of this is that if you wanted to balance my views you could. Unfortunately Strike Thee With Curses, my closest opposite, quit blogging last summer with a rant on how bad Thoreau and the transcendentalists were, hippys are bad, how professors teach the "lifestyle of revolution", how most students hate people who reject authority, and hate tattoos and hate people who pierce their bodies.
We see the culture of revolution in all its forms- in disrespectful music, in its sit-ins, in its campus revolts- as fostering self-destructive lifestyles. Regardless of political inclination on our own part, we hate hippies and we blame them all on Thoreau.

And we want our teachers to stop teaching people like him as though they are harmless classics, which they aren't. We're not the first people and not the first students to think of this, but I think we very might well be the first students to blame it on Thoreau and Zedong. And we therefore believe such history and literature should be taught differently.

One of our friends call us reactionaries, partly because he just figured out what the word means and partly because he is uneasy with the whole idea. But regardlessof it apparent lack of originality, we want to do something about this. But we're not sure what, as of yet.
Wow, that is my opposite all right but I think he is way out on the extreme. Does that mean I am way out on the extreme? I wonder what the 8's and 9's are like? What do those in the center blog about? What bloggers are like me? Explore and make judgments and take the imperfect test.

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Gary said...

That didn't take long. My brother emails me he is -6.1, -6.

One more notch out on the left side.