Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Local News

Barbara Bush no show at tea party in her honor with Cindy Sheehan and Houston peace activists.


Another activist freed from Victoria jail after 75 days. Diane Wilson has become famous for her protests for environmental and corporate responsibility. Her daughter was arrested when she came to visit her in jail on a trumped up charge.

Bush airport shut down for over an hour. a women bypassed the metal detectors.

Meanwhile many security procedures for cargo ships and personnel at the Port of Houston remain voluntary. "Unfortunately, the majority of the maritime industry has a consistent history of minimum compliance, of doing only what is mandated.... A voluntary approach to improving maritime security offers little, if any security and simply will not be acceptable to the average American citizen." More recently a report finds little progress in American port security.

A United Arab Emirate company already implicated in smuggling nuclear arms and with close financial ties to the Bush administration will be in charge of cargo and military shipments at US ports.

In a local race, Janette Sexton is starting to get the endorsements although she does not face an opponent until November. Disclosure: I do volunteer work for Janette.

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