Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Democrat practically conceding state senate election to Dan Patrick

Conservative Democrat F. Michael Kubosh to allow Republican conservative Houston radio host free airtime four days a week.

This has been a very revealing and disappointing last few days illustrating the problems with the Texas Democratic Party.

Just North of Houston Democratic Congressional Candidate Roger Owen has been revealed as a Florida felon intolerant of gays. He has managed to get on the bad side of liberal Texas bloggers and local Democrats.

I need to go to my Senate District Convention and the David Van Os Houston BBQ and get more optimistic and charged up. Could be some disputes breaking out at the convention as well however.

I should place more links to bloggers, news sources and candidates on the left and will try to get to that next week.

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Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

You'll have fun this Saturday night, E.L., and get fired up too. Be sure you introduce yourself, hear?