Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Been catching up on netroots nation reading

Looks like a great convention.

The big public event still seems like the Al Gore - Nancy Pelosi keynote. "Proposing to get a little increase in oil driiling for fuel to be sold to China 10 to 15 years from now as a solution to our rising gasoline prices makes about as much sense as responding to an attack from Afghanistan by invading some other country."

I would have really appreciated seeing this one - Bush failed you on national security and more should have resigned in protest.

The front-page feature article in the Sunday Austin-American Statesmen on Netroots Nation has been erased and the paper apologizes. There is probably more to the story, the editorial page also had a weak op-ed at the opening, but I doubt we hear more about it.

Misc. - I am really starting to want one of these. This looks pretty cool too.
I have to hang on to my job this summer as a big raise is coming soon and the long delayed jump to full time should also be in the works. Will need the money with signing up for 2 or 3 cons at ApolloCon at room parties. The nature of room parties is such that I don't remember what I signed up for except for CONDFW. I know that one because I have a t-shirt. Another might be FenCon.. I hope another is not ArmadilloCon because it is too soon and I might not have the money for going there and staying at a hotel. I would have already paid for the admission. Yes, these are the con parties where they ply you with drink and then ask you to buy discounted tickets from your new pals.

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