Monday, July 28, 2008

Liberal Media and all that, hold your nose

The Carpetbagger quoting the LA Times reporting on the latest Center for Media and Public Affairs study:
The Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University, where researchers have tracked network news content for two decades, found that ABC, NBC and CBS were tougher on Obama than on Republican John McCain during the first six weeks of the general-election campaign.

You read it right: tougher on the Democrat.
Most of the reporting from the evening news was opinion-free, but when on-air media personalities strayed, 28% of the statements about Obama were positive, while 72% was negative. In contrast, 43% of the statements about McCain were positive, while 57% was negative....

One assumes the right will respond to this report by trashing the Center for Media and Public Affairs, no doubt labeling it a liberal propaganda outlet. So let’s preemptively set the record straight — the center is run by Robert Lichter, a favorite of right-wing clowns like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly.
McCain is also so obviously an unfit candidate; witness his latest dishonest and disastrous appearance on Sunday talk, that even Republicans are abandoning ship and distancing themselves from McCain and the GOP. And let former Republican John Cole highlight McCain's dishonest campaign advertising smears just this past week, pathetic and shameful.

The latest conservative desperation measure is to urge a vote for McCain to check the so-called communist Democrats in Congress - urging their followers to just to hold your nose and vote for the guy. That is appearing from both the radio and newspaper conservative media pundits and first started early this year. Thom Hartman on a radio broadcast explores the conservatives urging their followers to hold their noses. Of course, many voters will do that for both candidates as NPR reported.

The real reality is that most are beginning to expect McCain and the GOP to lose big and prepare to fight the Democrats in four to eight years over the train wreck of an economy and foreign policy Bush and Cheney have set the stage for. After all, this enabled them to come back after Nixon.

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