Monday, July 21, 2008

Shorter Greenwald Edition, an online site worth paying to skip the ads for, has some good recent posts by Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald does a lot more than writing about protecting the Constitution from misguided politicians, but he continues to do that as well as his other commentary as shown by the first following link.

McCain has been hiring Karl Rove minions leading to predictable assaults on free speech at his rallies.

How the political elite and the Washington establishment attack politicians who express opinions that are held by 70% of the American people. Presidential candidate Howard Dean, married to a Jewish wife and raising his children in the Jewish faith and with a former president of AIPAC as his campaign manager, was attacked for his anti-Israeli position of saying that America should be even-handed in its approach to Israel and other Middle East countries. That position is supported by the vast majority of Americans. Obama was also attacked for similar views until he made a pilgrimage to AIPAC and gave some satisfying tilted to Israel rhetoric.

Our humble corporate masters.

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