Monday, July 14, 2008

When Memes Collide

A reasonable article on The New Yorker looks at Obama controversy.

Also - The Fed Reserve closes the barn door which was unlocked a decade ago.

I am reading The Shock Doctrine - how much are the Friedman disciples Satan's minions, who have bankrupted the world and spread misery and torture for the obscene profits of a few? Naomi Klein's book is a one-sided polemic, but probably less so than the main stream media and most economic textbooks who support Friedman.

The Texas Weekly Progressive Blog Round-Up is here.

The retail business hasn't changed since I left - Steve and Berry's was kept afloat by questionable financing from malls and has now collapsed. Our local Steve and Berry's isn't in a mall but in a questionable location across the street.

Last Add - "At this point, the AP isn’t “cutting through the clutter”; it’s adding to it. This isn’t “accountability journalism”; it’s weak journalism." That is probably too kind toward Ron Fournier, who had been a very biased reporter before he was made head of The Associated Press’s Washington bureau. He is a Matt Drudge favorite, enough said.

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