Thursday, July 31, 2008

Countdown for Victory - 96 Days until election REVISED

Report from National Democratic delegate Alex Karjeker.

This weekend Sherrie Matula's campaign is organizing a block walking event. Myself and fellow National Delegate Melanie Wilson will be walking.

We're looking for people to come block walk with us. We will begin at 5:30pm on Sunday with a small training and then walk for two hours (6-8pm). We will meet at the Matula HQ, a local clubhouse - 1610 Sageyork Drive - the revised meeting location.

Sherrie's HQ is at 17300 Saturn, Suite 105 for other volunteer activities and materials.

Sherrie Matula is a wonderful candidate who will do great things in Austin. As I discussed with many of you, Texas is only 5 seats away from having a majority in the Texas State House. Burnt Orange Report consistently reports her race as one of the most winnable in Texas! If we do not win the House this year, we may get into the same trouble with redistricting as we did back in 2003, but this time Texas is scheduled to pick up 3 Congressional seats. To put this in perspective, if Michael Skelly in District 7 and Larry Joe Doherty in District 10 win their races and we do not lose the Lampson (TX-22) and Rodriguez (TX-23) seats we will split the Texas delegation 15-17. If we pick up the other 3 seats that we could get in 2011, then it'll be 18-17. Texas will have a majority Democrat delegation!

Please come join us. We really need your help-this is a very crucial race Statewide, Nationally, and of course, locally for us here in HD-129. If you can come for even just an hour that would be wonderful. Please RSVP to me if you can make it.


Alexander Jonathan Karjeker


muse said...

We've changed the meeting location to a clubhouse in the precinct we are walking. It's going to be a lot more convenient for the all of us, especially the folks from that area of the District.

I've asked our field staff to contact you so that you can make that correction in the post. Or, you can call Matula HQ at 281-282-1351.

Thanks so much for publicizing this! We've had a terrific response so far, and this is going to be big!

Martha Griffin
Campaign Manager, Sherrie Matula for HD129.

John Coby said...

Club house at 11610 sageyork one block east of the corner of Scarsdale and Blackhawk.

Google it.

We are looking for a large and energetic crowd!