Friday, July 25, 2008

The traditional media is ignoring the National Enquirer - UPDATE

The All Spin Zone finds that works both ways. They didn't report on Bush possibly falling off the wagon. They won't report on possible vice presidential candidate hanky-panky if it is only in the tabloid press.

We can also add to that the top GOP leaders who are in the closet about their sexual habits are fairly safe and protected from traditional media. For these type of scandals the traditional media really want several witnesses and photos. Even then it can be spiked based on a decision from the top. They may also go easy on stories that do make it out unless there is an influential group constantly pushing the story. The biggest influentials are Drudge, the right wing media machine and the Washington GOP insiders. The Clintons were dogged by scandals because some very influential people were both pushing the story and launching their own investigations and had captive publications to keep the scandals alive.

UPDATE - FAUX NEWS, barely part of the traditional media, covers the story by interviewing a security guard at the hotel about the National Enquirer reporters. This bypasses the standard of not reporting on politician scandals without a large amount of evidence and instead spreads the rumors by doing a story about events related to the scandal. In a similar manner, the media won't touch reports that top GOP Texas officials are gay or cheating on their wives but if there is a demonstration that makes that accusation they could get the story out by covering that.

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