Monday, July 21, 2008

Later News Edition

Bill O'Liely says I missed a gathering as bad as the KKK.

Can we unplug all of these media jokers? Doesn't look like it and they are even scoring big on new contracts. Isn't this a sign of irrational exuberance and an over-priced market top considering that voters will surely reject everything these right-wing media clowns have been saying in November?

McCain is going to run on that he was right about the surge. Even if accurate, no, is that enough?

Since Obama was in Iraq 16 months ago the situation has gotten worse for Iraqis.

Politico writer so stupid. She originally wrote that Obama collected half of his June money in one day. The article still has total money on hand wrong. Obama and the DNC had $92 million in the bank July 1 to spend. I am sure more edits to her article will take place.

Hillary Clinton making comeback on women's health issue as her big backers still don't open their wallets for Obama.

The NYT refuses to publish McCain Op-Ed without a rewrite. He needs to add some substance to his standard BS. I liked this ironic dig: "The New York Times endorsed Senator McCain as the Republican candidate in the pesidential primaries. We take his views very seriously."

I managed to see The Dark Knight Sunday night at 10:15 PM with only a 35 minute or so wait. I had planned on another movie this weekend to avoid the masses of people but Janette said we should check. Arriving at 9:40 or so the 9:45 showing was sold out but there were still 130 tickets left for the 10:15. My verdict - very good but loud and some overdone flashy camera work. Movies also reflect their times - Gotham is a city under siege by terrorist bombings. There are many political overtones in the movie.

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