Friday, July 18, 2008

The Reagan Revolution never left Texas

WSJ - Deregulation Jolts Texas Electric Bills
Texas had some of the cheapest power rates in the country when it zapped most of the state's electric regulations six years ago, convinced that rollicking competition would drive prices even lower.

This summer, electricity there is some of the nation's priciest.
Reading the above Wall Street Journal article reminds me that the Reagan Revolution never left Texas, it just intensified over the last 25 years. Deregulation of electricity is just one more arena where Texans have had little control over their lives. State environmental controls on water and air are laughable as well.

My point is that deregulation hasn't helped the average Texan; it has made our Lone Star consumers poorer and less healthy.

I am a native Texan who is looking for a "better quality of life" state, not a banana republic, in which to retire.

If a conservative national newpaper like WSJ sees this, then why can't our Texas Democratic candidates use this "gouging" as a major electoral issue? It's timely. And, it might work for the November elections, as well as an assault on the current governor and lieutenant governor in 2010." -- Elizabeth McLane

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