Monday, September 29, 2008

Eventful couple days

Both for the nation and me.

The economy - I was one of the very few blogs predicting this and I now call Rep. Lampson and others heroes for voting No Deal. We should now get a temporary fix until a more Democratic Congress and President get in. Remember that FDR refused to negotiate with Hoover until he and a Democratic Congress were sworn-in in March to write new deals that he and the Democrats would be responsible for. Tell Obama we need new Democratic new deals, not the Bush undemocratic bailout.

Me - I decided to upgrade the memory on my old main PC to cure some of the problems. I installed the memory and no display. There is no way memory affects the display. I reinstall the old memory no display. I check if I had managed to disconnect something - not that I can find. After about three hours I give up and take it into a place I distrust for an evaluation. "You're not outputing a video signal, do you want us to find out why for $70?" "Go ahead." "We'll call you in a day or two."

Blogging will be light.

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