Friday, September 05, 2008

Wait just a doggone minute, I’m just trying to register to vote

After filing out the Harris County Texas voter registration forms four times it is still unclear if our GOP Tax and Voter Registration Office has accepted her voter registration.
I checked the list on August 29 – for the third time in eight months – and for the third time in eight months I discovered that the county still had me cast as a voter wannabe.
I would advise all new voters to check online to see if they have been registered and to vote early to perhaps have a chance to deal with any problems that come up.

I also advise everyone to vote against the partisan Paul Bettencourt who is doing everything possible to make sure that the GOP doesn't lose too badly in Harris County this November.

Remember - check your registration, vote early. During the primary I also observed many errors by the state office that prevented people from voting. The most common example being people moving to Harris County from elsewhere in the state and the state of Texas placing them back in their old county or saying they were now registered twice so it wouldn't recognize either address.

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