Monday, September 15, 2008

A message from Melisa Noriega

To all our friends, family and neighbors:

Just a few things for your reading audience: There is beginning to be ice and water coming in. Some stores are starting to open. We know the water is low and everyone is out of power. The water is a high priority and the power is working as fast as CenterPoint can...there are folks from other areas helping.

Stay put. Check on your neighbors. 311 is down; 911 works--only use in real emergency, NOT for low water pressure or questions about where to get ice. Watch for Sonics opening--they make their own ice. [211 works - EL]

I am in my Council office--the number is 832-393-3005. If you need something, contact whatever local official you can, or call and we will see what we can do to help. I am not sure how long I will be here, so if you don't get someone, don't count on a message.

George R. Brown has opened as a shelter. HISD is closed tomorrow. Stay out of downtown--it is a mess.

If your burglar alarm system is beeping (the house system, not a smoke alarm!), go find the box in a closet or where ever it is, open it (may need a screwdriver) and disconnect one of the 12V batteries inside. It should stop beeping. Reconnect when your power goes on (be careful) and it will recharge in 24 hours.

Frozen food in a full freezer will last 48 hours; half full--only 24. Cook it if you can and give to your neighbors. Fridge stuff--only 4 hours. Time to throw the mayo away. Mustard and ketchup are probably ok!

It looks like Bolivar is gone--anyone have real info, let me know. Otherwise, this could be a lot worse. The City and the County did a terrific job! It is easy to lose sight of how grateful we should be to be alive in the misery of no air and spoiled food, but we are very fortunate.

God bless Houston, and God bless Texas!

Melissa Noriega
Councilmember At-large 3

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