Friday, December 08, 2006

Everything you heard on Right-wing talk radio and read in Wingnut Blogs was wrong

That was the basic message of the Iraq Study Group in the first half of their report. The administration and the military had been spinning and lying. The war is a disaster. The So-Called-Liberal-Media reports have been right and Fox News wrong. This was why it was a very emotional Republican Senator taking to the floor to admit he was wrong in his past support for the war. It take strong clear language from people they trust to break through years of BS from administration officials and all the conservative news and opinions they listen to.

How much of the right-wing noise machine will admit the truth of the Iraq report? How much of the report will not be reported on? How many will simply call the group "surrender monkeys" as the New York Post did on their front page? I don't know.

Just since the election there there has been big right stories that are pretty much lies they tell and probably tell themselves that shows no sign of slowing down and may even have become more hysterical.
Some of the reaction beginning to form against the Iraq Study Group from the right is not hysterical but simply dismissive. A lot is hysterical like Atlas Girl or even paranoid like Gateway Boy. Overall a river in Egypt reaction without most even reading the report like RUSH LIMBAUGH: "Unite the American people in defeat. Unite the American people and surrender. The Iraq Surrender Group unite the American people in getting out of there."

I think for the rest of this year I will try to quit reading the wacky right's ignorant, sad, pathetic, fearful, hysterical, paranoid, bigoted posts and give a present to myself of avoiding the stupidity. The only problem is that as Media Matters points out the mainstream media and Washington Establishment is scarcely any better.

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