Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More on the lying fantasies of right-wing bloggers and pundits

One - anti-union attacks on Pelosi misfire. As an employer you are forbidden to encourage your workers to unionize and her vineyards pays better wages than union ones.

Two - AP accused by right-wing bloggers of making up a story on six Sunni worshippers being set on fire by Shiite militia. "AP wants terrorists to win" accusations thrown by some of the biggest and supposed most respected right-wing blogs. AP goes back and reconfirms the story. Should Powerline and Michelle Malkin commit harikari over their loss of face? Of course not, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Then the Prager story and the Imam story and all the other Nancy Pelosi stories. I thought when they lost it might snap some sense into them, not make them more hysterical.

When will their hysterical fantasies be over? It looks like not any time soon as former Science Fiction great and now Right-Wing political hack Orson Scott Card releases a novel for a multi-media franchise on the Red-State / Blue-State Civil War. The liberal elite from universities in Blue States kill the Prez and VP and stage a coup with the help of Arab terrorists while gallant Christian men and their DINO wives struggle to keep the nation from falling apart or coming under the dominion of the scientifically advanced secular fiends. Beyond satire, beyond irony, almost beyond belief, but not beyond shameless hypocrisy. The dialogue is hysterically funny - think right-wing blog talk and Ralph Peters and Sgt. Fury - Agent of Shield. Despite all this, OSC knows how to tell a story based on the excerpt.

Speaking of irony, Robert sent me this from the NYT:
"Among the concerns voiced in the memo was that Mr. Maliki was surrounded by a small group of advisers from the Shiite Dawa Party, a narrow circle that American officials worry may skew the information he receives."
thank god our own executive branch doesn't suffer from that problem!

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