Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Briefly noted Texas news

Early vote this week only 7 AM to 7 PM.

Election day next Tuesday for primary run-offs. If you voted in the wrong party you cannot now vote in the run-off of your real party.

We are telling you, early vote and vote anywhere and determine if there are problems with your registration and have a chance to correct them. Early voting locations and schedule - pdf.

Local endorsements from the Houston Chronicle and Area Five Democrats.
Larry Weiman for 80th Civil District Court, Harris County. Larry Weiman spoke at the Area Five Democrats meeting and reminded us he ran last year when most were afraid to and is the only candidate who hasn't recently been a Republican.

Texas Railroad Commission - Dale Henry, he's actually qualified and has a website.

In JP Precinct 8, Place 1, between Dee Wright and Jeff Heintschel, Jeff is more qualified.
Happy birthday rachel maddow!

Assets seized from criminals shouldn't become political slush funds at Scott Henson's blog.

"Doing stuff Rush Limbaugh tells you to do is a bad idea and may in fact impede you later in life."

Station Gets Peabody Award for Probing Railroad Commission "Dubious Practices"

What our Texas Two-Step looks like for some people. (Warning, wrong dates for the Texas Convention.)

Pasadena Texas City Council perhaps worried about civil rights law suits, public comment is back at council meetings. Nearby Texas cities like La Porte break from the official meeting to have open dialogue with citizens with problems. They also have a few city department heads at the meetings.

Looks like Olson is the one favored by the GOP to go after Lampson. Raising more money and running effective ads. Should I go vote in that GOP primary to screw up the results and make up for the 700 Republicans who voted twice in the Democratic and Republican primaries to screw up the Clinton-Obama race?

Reports of excessive police force racially targeted in Montgomery County. Who are you going to believe, the police department patrolling out of its jurisdiction or members of a religious ministry of justice?

Debra Thomas is starting a North Pasadena "small give" group - call her at 713-473-0358.

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