Monday, April 28, 2008

Conservatives caught in repeated patterns

It is amazing how conservatives get away with making up their own "facts" in debates, the "truthiness" style as Stephen Colbert puts it. Rick Perlstein doesn't let David Frum get away with it and at one point brings him to a stammering halt. More liberals should be ready to pounce on these not-so fast evasions.

Digby also predicted the media and GOP campaign against the "elitist" Obama, they have been using that Village meme for decades.
I'm seeing the narrative playing out exactly as I thought it would and it leads me right back to where I started. I believe that Democrats are nearly guaranteed to win due to the fundamental forces driving this election. But I'm not so sure the Democrats will win with any kind of progressive mandate if they let the media frame the election in these terms and I'm definitely not so sure that our new president will be able to enact a progressive agenda if he (or she) moves right thinking to disable this narrative. (That's the whole point.)

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