Saturday, April 05, 2008

Drudge - three headlines, three lies about global warming

Drudge strung together a climate-denier myth, a poorly reported story about the financial crisis that falsely attributed insurance income declines, and a report about how developing nations are under the threat of climate change changing the emphasis on each to give support to the right-wing fantasy denying global warming.Is global temperature increasing?

The chart on the right somehow led Drudge to headline: REPORT: GLOBAL TEMPS ‘HAVE NOT RISEN SINCE 1998′.

As anyone can see 1998 was an exceptionally hot year but the trend is still present and 2005 was as hot according to NASA.

The Modern Temperature Trend is a much more complete refutation of global climate change deniers.


Dan Pangburn said...

See this graph in context at

Gary said...

Who are you going to believe, a petroleum engineer who has spent a few months looking at this issue, and now almost seems a professional crank, or over 95% of climate scientists and nearly all scientists from related disciplines.

Have another graph.

See also this note:

or this note on how to talk to skeptics