Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Real Life Grisham Novels

In West Virginia, it sure looks like the CEO of a coal company bought the Supreme Court judge hearing his case.

While house sitting at my Dad's, I read the real life nonfiction Grisham book An Innocent Man. It perfectly describes the broken and corrupt Oklahoma justice system through the course of examining four men mistakenly sent to death row by a small town for murders they had nothing to do with. Everything in the book could just as well apply to the Texas criminal justice system. After writing this nonfiction book John said he will stick to fiction from now on, much less work.

I would need one of Grisham's smart lawyers to defend me if I am ever near that hucking fidiot movie reviewer Kyle Smith. I had written in 2006, that he is my perfect anti-critic. Whatever he likes I hate and vice versa, but it is worse than that. The guy has no clucking fue.

Currently in an article about how Hollywood is anti-American he massacres the plot of There Will Be Blood. And he gets paid for going to movies drunk or whatever.

Checking his blog, Hell no, I won't link and give him link coinage, I find his female friends are just as privileged, clueless and so wrong. A female friend of his wrote an article for The Atlantic urging women to settle for Mr Not Right before their ovaries dry up. Ugh -there are so many things wrong with her self-centered life-style.

Kyle informs us that the article has been optioned for a movie! Damn, maybe Kyle is right about one thing after all, Hollywood is anti-American.

I think I will go out and imitate Kyle and his fraternity and sorority friends and get drunk and clueless so Hollywood can discover me.

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