Monday, April 28, 2008

Jim's Linkfest

Brother Jim's other zombie short film, the one that is not opening San Marco's Indie film festival, is posted on Short Film Texas along with Wayne's preparations and a shoot diary.

Evolution in action or don't try this in Afghanistan?

Financial Ruins in the Sinai Desert.

Cops gone bad and using 9/11 as an excuse.

The real Acme turbo-rocket insanity of the 60's.

J. Edgar Hoover's reward for WW2 defectors - trial and false promises.

When bananas ruled the world - Intrigue. Power. Corruption. Death. Sex.

A different approach to city growth - shrinkage.

USA Safe Food? This is similar to the unsafe flights?

Sub-Prime Fun - Blame The Subprime Meltdown On The Repeal Of Glass-Steagall.

Sci-Fi Models! Modern Fred has a lot of interesting photo albums.

Those bankers must be some of those radical liberals. WAMU head claims mortgage industry is in Great Depression.

Time to eat the rich? Clinton was good for the Midwest middle-class. As the number of billion-dollar-a-year-income speculators rise a reminder it doesn’t take brains to make money in a world of unregulated capital – it just takes money.

2063 Space Predictions, from 1963.

Iraqi general spoke, media didn't listen. "Our forces in Iraq and our threat to change Iran’s regime are making the region unstable. Those who link instability with a US withdrawal have it exactly backwards. Our ostrich strategy of keeping our heads buried in the sands of Iraq has done nothing but advance our enemies’ interest."

Food price spike - back to the 70's. Will Nixon-like wage-price controls be next?

GOP Presidents have a magic inequality spell. I have mentioned before that Krugman struggles with some Republican learning from his ivy-league economics classes where he finds it hard to blame or pinpoint systemic GOP policies that raise wealthy incomes and depress the poor.

More ass hattery abos* - crazy people in positions of authority with their heads stuck up their asses.

More big storms a brewing.

Guilty Before Proven Innocent - asshatted prosecutors and an out of control war on drugs run by crazies. “This case scared the hell out of me. These were clearly innocent people. And they nearly went to prison for a long time.” See Grisham's The Innocent Man for more on asshatted police, prosecutors and the reliance on jail house snitches putting innocent people on death-row.

Love the Germans - funny training as a fork lift driver video.

I.R.S. Scrutiny of Big Firms Plummets

When you can’t raise taxes but still need revenue what do you do??? At least six cities tampered with their traffic light times to issue more tickets.

Yoo is a damn piss-poor lawyer and would be flunked out of any constitutional law class, including his own. He wrote an almost hundred-page memo on presidential authority in time of war and didn't mention once Youngstown Steel - the defining court case. The reason for that is because it expressly condemns the neo-con authoritarian reasoning Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Yoo used.

I always compare the Iraq occupation to the Philippines - Jim sends a link to a comparison with our occupation of Nicaragua which gave rise to the brutal dictatorship of Somoza. Who will be the next Iraqi dictator?

More on our drug war stupidity, a personal dairy. Oh well, our grand and mighty Supreme Court just ruled that the Fourth Amendment doesn't apply if you are arrested, even falsely.

It looks like Disney has claimed copyright on a family's home recordings of winning a trip to Disneyland in the 50's following a posting on Boing Boing.

Yoo is a criminal - renditions.

Yoo is a criminal - drugging prisoners. "some of the memos written by Yoo and his colleagues from 2001 to 2003 were "deeply flawed: sloppily reasoned, overbroad, and incautious in asserting extraordinary constitutional authorities on behalf of the President.""

How to do business like the Mafia

The Jefferson Muzzle Awards for 1st Amendment jackassery.

Idiotic corporate-government relationships - Florida water edition.

Cool idea - Plantable greeting-cards embedded with seeds.

Video - Russian bomber.

The new financial plot against Iceland. Jonas Jonsson, director-general of Iceland’s FSA, says the authorities are “searching whether some parties have systematically been distributing negative and false rumours about the Icelandic banks and financial system in order to profit from it”.

"Productivity" - so replacing senior management is an intellectual improvement.

Ill. Rep. Monique Davis: it's dangerous for children to know atheists exist, orders atheist to stop testifying - audio available. Just because we can cause ignorance doesn't mean that helps democracy.

110 best books: The perfect library. Ha!

Egad Watson, April 8 2008 - Gas prices could hit $4 this summer predicts government Energy Department.

Coral reefs coming back from the dead with reseeding - save the environment-it is possible to make changes.

A bonus from me - A Cory Doctorow story After the Siege. In podcast form.

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