Monday, April 07, 2008

Misc. plus Jim's links

Nazi orgy scandal disrupts grand prix motor racing.

Juan Cole: As Iraq chaos continues, General Petraeus will push Iran links that make little sense.

For right now, Mike Morford is trusting the collective intuition on Obama.

Christian radio gets people to protest wacky days at school.

From Jim -

The Mike Wallace Interviews, what major commercial network would do this today?

US-funded health search-engine censors all results for searches on "abortion" -- reverses policy when it becomes known. Bush administration in action.

Tang is the secret ingredient in fantasy terrorist UK planes bomb plot.

Visit an old missile silo - turn your key sir! map.

Blast Door Art.

Screwing the communities some lenders are refusing to take over abandoned foreclosed homes.

Even Krugman doesn't understand why all income levels have more income growth under Democrats. I think there are years of GOP propaganda taught in ivy league economic classes that need to be scrubbed away. He does recognize GOP equals slower growth and rising inequality which is a start. I will add to Jim's link another Krugman blog post in which he finds there is a good unemployment number buried in the BLS lies - U6, which shows real unemployment and forced part-time employment is now at 9%.

Don't mess with 84-year-old Marines.

NASA coolness as the shuttle nears its last mission.

The Great Depression: The sequel.

P.S. For Jim, there is still some mystery surrounding IBM's week-long suspension from government contracts. It looks like some IBM employees got caught getting competitive data from an EPA employee and an administrator threw the book at IBM. Government employees didn't believe it at first.

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