Thursday, April 03, 2008

Democratic tidbits

Florida delegates have Denver hotel space. That is actually a big breakthrough and indicates a compromise might soon be reached. Once one is reached with Florida one with Michigan will follow. The indications are that each Florida delegate will be seated but get half a vote. I hope that the Florida superdelegates who should have stopped this mess also lose at least half a vote.

Floridians Now Booked to Return to the Fold.

Palm Beach Post - Howard Dean says Florida delegates will be seated at convention.

Joe Klein - The Kagans are being idiots about Iraq, again. Never have those who know so little influenced so many.

Kevin Drum passing along Juan Cole - Basra was much worse for the Iraqi government forces than indicated. Did nearly 10,000 government forces mutiny?

Solidly GOP Texas seat in Houston now becoming a closely watched close race. Go Skelly go!

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