Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Liberal Blog and Shelly Foundation

Andrew Ostroy has a liberal blog and mentions that the non-profit foundation dedicated to the memory of his murdered film-maker wife Adrienne Shelly could use support. In his recent post he is worried that the GOP right wing noise machine will try to destroy Obama in the general election and presumably throughout his presidency.
Make no mistake: heading towards the general election in November, the Republican Party smells intense fear, and that fear will manifest itself into the dirtiest, ugliest, most divisive presidential election campaign in American history. The GOP's coming off of eight miserable, economically ravished, war-torn, scandal-plagued years of Bush/Cheney. Given the likelihood that Sen. Barack Obama--with his message of inspiration, hope and change--will eventually prevail in his protracted primary battle with Sen. Hillary Clinton, the reality is settling in that the junior Senator from Illinois could be the next occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania. Just ask neocon pundit William Kristol.
I dislike all of the reality denying Clinton commenters on the blog but Andrew is an astute Hillary supporter.

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