Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Angry AWOL Bush and the 50-point big lie

There are now two articles about how PR workers for Bush's campaign created the 50-point Big Lie that claims Bush successfully completed his military service.

Albert Lloyd has gotten the most publicity but Lt. Col. Thomas A Deall, Chief of Public Affairs for the Air Reserve Personnel Center also was involved in ignoring actual requirements for completion of service and elevating a retirement points system to center place.

Bush was AWOL and there are still reporters looking into this.

Charlie Rose had on Garry Trudeau who mentioned that he was with W in college. They both served on a student organization committee that arranged parties and entertainment. He disliked him then and thinks his handlers keep the public away from the real Bush. He thought Bush was noblesse oblige without the oblige, just a sense of entitlement. In the debates viewers may have seen the real Bush, angry and petulant about being held to account.

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