Tuesday, October 12, 2004

A campaign based on lies

I was sitting here thinking about the three debates so far and I realized all the memorable lines from Bush and Cheney were not true, in fact their entire campaign is based on lies.

This is not surprising. I first started this mainly political blog because of the lies this administration was making about the necessity of invading Iraq and quickly learned you could not count on the administration for the truth about any policy they initiated.

The lumber that Bush brought to a debate to show he did not not own a timber company - his last three tax returns shows that Bush is a part owner and is classified as a small business. Let's go to FactCheck.org for that link.

Cheney never meeting Edwards - lies on videotape. Cheney presiding over the Senate every Tuesday - he has presided twice, in fact the same number of times as Edwards.

Iraq, where his weapons inspector showed that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, had no mass weapons programs, had no contacts with terrorists, had no intentions of passing weapons to terrorists, that showed Saddam was contained and was a diminishing threat. Bush and Cheney and supporters ignore this and still use their old arguments and try to twist the words of the weapons inspectors and the 9/11 commission whose members Bush appointed. This is not really news either, see my blog for two years, but now it has been in official reports from Bush appointees the press corps feels they can report it.

The lies by this administration and it's supporters particularly struck me last night was a Daily Show rerun where Christian activist and Bush campaign manager Ralph Reed replied to Jon Stewert's question about why Iraq. Jon like myself understood and supported going to Afghanistan. Reed replied with the litany of misdirections and lies from two years ago.

The Daily Show is now essential viewing. It has had the best post debate wrap-ups of all news programs - remarkable for what is supposed to be a fake news program.

The more intelligent of the Washington, New York, and Los Angeles based press corps is now recognizing this pattern of lies. Not Bush supporters. I check in with former Democrat Roger L. Simon occasionally to see how Bush is doing. He still is blinded and refuses to recognize what the press corps is finally seeing - Bush has another higher level of distortion (i.e. lies) than the Kerry campaign. He objects to the recent ABC News memo that has in it the self-evident truth : 'Kerry distorts, takes out of context, and mistakes all the time, but these are not central to his efforts to win.'

Here is a link to a recent Progress Report which covers some of the recent lies and Bush and the GOP's new corporate tax giveaway. To correct a $5 billion dollar tax increase necessary for trade agreements they just gave business supporters $145 billion in new tax breaks while running a deficit. Guess who will eventually have to make up that deficit? Lies and shafting the middle class tax payer - Bush's legacy.

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