Monday, October 25, 2004

Campaign Noise

Some things seen and heard this weekend.

The Difference Between 1964 and 2004

In 1964 the United States was supporting a corrupt dictatorship in Vietnam.

In 2004 the United States is the corrupt dictatorship in Iraq.

Texas Bush Country Signs?

I am now living in the bedrock solid Bush country, I thought. A Texas oil company suburb, middle and upper-middle incomes, radios all tuned to Christian or country music or classic rock - supposedly all redneck, all Republican, all Bush. So why is it when I went for a long walk there are seven Kerry signs in my neighborhood and only three Bush? There isn't one at our house. It is for sale and you don't want to possibly offend potential buyers.

When I voted early why were there such long lines of quiet, not very happy, silent Republicans? My sister noticed pretty much solid Republican poll workers and I noticed pretty much everyone in line was dressed upper-middle-class. A huge number of nice cars and trucks in the parking lot. But they didn't seem a happy crowd. In a state, county and city that has only Republican statewide, countywide and citywide office holders, why were there so many more Democratic signs at the polling place? Why has my sister and her husband, solid Bush supporters until three weeks ago, switched to Kerry? I know of no one who voted for Gore switching to Bush but several people switching to Kerry. I guessed wrong in the 2002 elections, but I have more of a gut feel this election is different. Kerry 311 electoral votes.

Bush Win Job Opportunity

I have been pondering a job for after the elections. I might manage to get a sales job before the elections but right now the only thing I have lined up is for election day itself. Not having transportation right now sucks in the suburbs. I was out walking Sunday before I have been going stir crazy in the house.

If Bush wins I see a great job opportunity. Working for an underground abortion service center. If Bush wins Texas is one of 30 states poised to outlaw abortions. This won't stop them of course but will drive them underground like in the 60's. I could refer and take women to the underground doctors performing abortions. Abortion will be the new prohibition and fortunes could be made meeting the demand as conservative fundamentalists also don't like contraception. Other opportunites would of course be available in the porn and drug industries. Ashcroft is already spending millions setting up task forces to take on the cable systems and local porn shops. Saw that statistic the other day that crime, drugs and abortions are up under Bush when they were going down under Clinton.

If Kerry wins there is much less to worry about jobs being available.

Uncivil emails

BTW, never send an angry, hateful email to the New York Times. They have an idiot bastard for an ombudsman who will publish it and your name and city. Google gives thousands of people your phone number and address which the ombudsman knew. I am waiting for someone to publish the ombudsman's home phone and address.

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