Thursday, October 07, 2004

Debate Notes: What's the Frequency?

wHO WoN FirSt DebaTE?: Frank Luntz, a Republican pollster, did a focus group with 18 "swing" voters during the first Bush-Kerry debate at the University of Miami. The count before the debate was 12 undecided, two for President Bush and four for Sen. John Kerry. After the debate, the Luntz scorecard read: seven undecided, two for Bush, nine for Kerry.

Was Bush using a radio earpiece? The blogworld wants to know what's the frequency. This is by far from the first time it has been noted that in his speeches and at press conferences Bush acts like someone is feeding him lines. At a press conference in France the CNN feed actually picked up the radio coaching. If Bush used electronic coaching it violated the terms of the debate.

el - I may be back to posting more frequently, I have finished moving and have regular email again after three weeks.

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