Thursday, October 14, 2004

Do we even need polls and pundits to tell us the obvious

Kerry won all three debates. With each debate Bush looked less Presidential and more flailing. With each debate even more distortions and attacks on Kerry and efforts to convert questions to his stump speech soundbites.

In this last debate Bush had two big gaffes that will resonate against him - his lie about his previous statement about Osama bin Ladin in the first question and his answer to outsourcing is - No Child Left Behind? He tried to answer every question by pointing to education (when he cuts college and junior college programs) and implied that women and the unemployed are stupid otherwise they would earn more and have jobs. Programmers who lose their jobs to India would benefit from going back to elementary and high school?

Bush has failed in his presidency. Even in the GOP's penultimate point of difference with the Democrats Bush has failed. Abortions have reversed trend and are now increasing in the United States. As the economy and hope and jobs get worse abortions go up.
Under the Clinton years we saw fewer abortions, less teen pregnancy, lower drug use rates, and a decrease in poverty. That is the same world view that John Kerry articulated in all three debates. The truth is that Senator Kerry offers a fundamentally stronger pro-life agenda than the man who claims to want a 'culture of life.'

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