Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush to stem cell community - drop dead

Also Scott Rosenberg - a political, not ethical decision.

If Bush really believes destroying embryos is murder he should charge the thousands of doctors and technicians that work at fertility clinics. He doesn't because that isn't politically smart. Many middle-class Americans want options if they are unable to have a child.

This is a slippery slope decision but in the anti-science direction. Ignorant religious zealots have opposed pain medication, vaccination, germ theory, blood transfusion, and other procedures in the past, and presently, and this is a continuation of their agenda. The religious belief that God knows all and plans all and so we should not interfere with God's plan should have ended centuries ago. All of those who support God's plan without scientific interference should remove themselves from all contact with the medical system now.

The real question is simple - should unwanted embryos be thrown in the trash or should they be used in research to help save lives. Bush pandered to religious elements in his base to say they should continue to be thrown away.

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