Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's Disproportionate. . . .

True, but do the WP and the NYT have black columnists just to have someone who occasionally gives a real liberal opinion? The fact that their opinions are more likely to be true and not based on country club cocktail party chatter I suppose creates a "fair and balanced" editorial board.

Elsewhere in the paper - "if this race is about Republicans and Democrats I lose." And here was another(?) Republican running on pork, not party. November is shaping up to be a Democratic Blue Letter day.

Nearly all expert commentators - World not being made safer by Middle East Wars.

The eight issues that determine who will control Congress. That is the start of a series that will continue until the election.

ADDED - Anonymous GOP Senate candidate running against Bush and the scarlet R outed - partially backtracks on his comments.

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