Monday, July 24, 2006

Israel set war plan a year ago - preparation for Iran

Israel's military response by air, land and sea to what it considered a provocation last week by Hezbollah militants is unfolding according to a plan finalized more than a year ago.

In the six years since Israel ended its military occupation of southern Lebanon, it watched warily as Hezbollah built up its military presence in the region. When Hezbollah militants kidnapped two Israeli soldiers last week, the Israeli military was ready to react almost instantly. - SF Chron.
There has been quiet negotiations with Israel about this war being a prelude to an attack on Iran.

UK Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On

Well-planned attacks - are Syria and Iran Next?
Israel's assaults on the Occupied Territories and Lebanon were planned well in advance with the full knowledge and approval of the US. It was reported earlier this year in Israel's Maariv daily that the events now underway in Gaza and the West Bank were in the works for months. It was explained in an interview the paper did with IDF Southern Command General Yoav Galant, responsible for Gaza, who said that "we (Israel) have a plan to (re) occupy the Strip" (and) "We are in advanced states of preparing forces for readiness" to do it in response to "increased (Palestinian) attacks." Another IDF official confirmed what the general said and added that the IDF completed its training to reenter Gaza and informed its soldiers to prepare and be ready for orders to move in. Neither the general or other IDF official explained, however, that the Palestinian "attacks" were with crude weapons and only in response to Israel's daily assaults against them with the most sophisticated weapons the IDF has other than its nuclear ones....

Kallman reported further that over a year ago a senior Israeli IDF officer (unidentified) began giving "PowerPoint presentations" off the record to US and other officials and unnamed journalists and think tanks explaining the plan now underway "in revealing detail." The officer described a three week campaign to destroy Hezbollah's "long-range missiles," rocket launchers and weapons stores, its command and control centers, and disrupt transportation and communication in the country. He said IDF ground forces in large numbers would then invade Southern Lebanon in the third week of the campaign to destroy targets identified through reconnaissance but not to remain on a long-term basis. It turned out the IDF did it after 10 days and are now in the south of the country.
Forgotten by media flock - the other wars?

60 dead, 200 wounded in Baghdad today

A flurry of suicide attacks, roadside bombings and shootings across Afghanistan.

Wrote John F. McManus in 1993,"Neocons have taken over the conservative wing of the Republican party. And they have succeeded in doing so -- to the degree that the word 'conservative' is now being applied to individuals and ideas that are, in fact, liberal.”

And who is John McManus? He's a former spokesman and current president of the conservative John Birch Society. - Freedom Central USA

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