Friday, April 20, 2007

A blogger asks - would my sister had died because of the Supreme Court ruling?

The abortion procedure just banned doesn't provide medical exceptions. Steven D's sister had to have it because she developed a medical condition that would have caused her to bleed to death. Elections have consequences.
My sister was fortunate, in that she survived the procedure without any serious injury, although she kept bleeding for several days afterwards. She was also very fortunate that the Dilation and Evacuation procedure she had was not barred by any state or federal law. Would her doctor have been willing to perform this procedure on her today because of the risk that doing so would violate federal law?

I don't really know. But I suspect that many doctors, fearful of their own legal and criminal liability, will be increasingly reluctant to perform 2nd trimester D&E procedures, even in cases like my sister's, where the health of the woman, and her physical well being, could be compromised by failing to do so.
I followed natasha to the link.

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