Sunday, April 29, 2007

The liberal net roots war against the so-called-liberal-media

David Broder edition. The dean of America's columnists should have retired years ago. It is worth looking back to see his defense on Nixon and his trash talk about Clinton, maybe he was always over rated? Real liberals don't recognize those the right claim are on our side.

The NYT's Frank Rich also wants a piece of this, while breaking the news that the NYT will not participate in future DC press corps Presidential dinners.
It’s our country’s bitter fortune that while David Halberstam is gone, too many Joe Alsops still hold sway. Take the current dean of the Washington press corps, David Broder, who is leading the charge in ridiculing Harry Reid for saying the obvious — that “this war is lost” (as it is militarily, unless we stay in perpetuity and draft many more troops). In February, Mr. Broder handed down another gem of Beltway conventional wisdom, suggesting that “at the very moment the House of Representatives is repudiating his policy in Iraq, President Bush is poised for a political comeback.”

Some may recall that Stephen Colbert offered the same prediction in his monologue at the correspondents’ dinner a year ago. “I don’t believe this is a low point in this presidency,” he said. “I believe it is just a lull before a comeback.” But the fake pundit, unlike the real one, recognized that this was a joke.
Atrios jumps in on the elitist High Broderism.

Greg Sargent asks just who is as inept as Gonzales as he fact checks Broder's radio interview? David Broder is past the mandatory retirement age. Sargent warned that a blogswarm would arise over Broder's column. (He is now warning that Rush's racist parody songs about black Democrats went too far and are generating calls for stations to drop his program.)

All 50 Democratic Senators under Reid wrote the Washington Post a letter that said Broder was full of it. Greenwald continues in his post that there is a sea change taking place bypassing the media establishment. I feel that the right went away from watching and listening to them the past few decades and now it is the left's turn.

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