Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bush likes Gonzales, Gonzales worships Bush

One photo explains all you need to know about Bush and Gonzales. There are similar photos of Bush and a great many people that some photo blogger with more talent and skill than I could make into a great photo essay.

Crooks and Liars misses that the reason MSNBC picked Michael Smerconish as the Imus replacement was that Imus's problem was all that wild hair, actually combed and trimmed here. MSNBC thinks the problem is solved.

Since we are looking at photos, go to Bagnewsnotes for an example of a Democratic two-headed monster and this photo of a Wolf.

UPDATE: That Gonzales photo reminds me of a SF story where the US and the world become controlled by one man who aliens send on a mission after giving him the ability that everyone he is in personal contact with adores him "Why Do Birds." This light fantasy novel explains what every world leader needs - adoration. The title refers to the Carpenters song.

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